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Medical Software - Lectronic Practice Suite

For easy to use, fast, and affordable medical software, choose the Lectronic Practice Suite! This is a complete, synchronized solution loaded with features and benefits.

Lectronic Practice Suite is affordable at less than $11,000.

Join the hundreds of clients in Michigan and Florida who save time and money by simplifying their practice management and medical billing using Colonial Valley Software products. We are proud to provide high tech solutions with old fashion customer service. Contact us for details and a demo.

Practice Management

Features Benefits

Patient Demographic Charts:

  • Med-Notes with Alerts
  • Appointments Displayed
  • Memo Area
Sounds an alarm on all critical Med-Notes. Previous and future appointments are displayed at a glance. Offers unlimited capability for writing notes and inner-office communications.


  • Color Codes
  • Comment Section
  • Family Ledgers
Lets you identify charges, payments and write-offs at a glance.Put notes on each line of service.Display all family member balances at a glance.

Patient Statements

Electronic Patient Statements

Eliminates printing, stuffing, storing and postage.
Electronic Claims with Auto Posting Faster turnaround time with more accurate billing and posting.Will cut posting time from days to minutes with greater accuracy.

Search Patient Records

Demographic and Med-Notes for batch letter-address merge labels/envelopes.

Extract patient list and print personalized form letters based on Med-Notes and demographics. Required for Meaningful use.

Appointment Scheduler

Schedule for one or multiple providers.

Eliminates the need for the appointment book.


  • Statistical analysis
  • Financial reports
  • Aged accounts receivable
  • Month end
  • Custom reports
Use statistical reports which are ideal for practice management.Aged accounts receivables for insurance and patient side.A total of all financial activities for the month. (Charges, payments, write-offs, and balance transfers to patients.)


  • Point and click to enter charges
  • Multiple views of day sheet
  • Print receipts
  • Pop up family windows
Fewer keystrokes equals faster data entry.Click between day view, claim view, patient view of service lines to speed posting.Family member's financial information is linked. Display all family member balances & click to switch between them.

Lectronic Health Records

Features Benefits

Appointments Display:

  • Schedule
  • Patients in waiting room
  • Patients in each exam room
Confirm, cancel and print appointments. Clicking on a patient's name will display its medical chart. Offices with the CVS practice management system will share appointments between all modules in the suite.

Patient Charts:

  • Medications list
  • Allergies & alerts
  • Problem list
  • Demographics
Display the patient medical history. Easy to use drop down boxes. Display a patient picture or medical card. All required for meaningful use.


  • Previous encounters
  • Medications
  • Procedure codes and diagnosis
  • Codes
  • Chief complaint
  • History of present illness
  • Review of systems
  • Physical exam
  • Plan
View new and old encounters. Sign and lock encounters. Enter as many procedure and diagnosis codes as you need. Information you enter in this screen will import into the transaction screen of the practice management system. All required for meaningful use.


  • X-rays
  • Lab results
  • Legal forms
  • Correspondence
View scans. Scanned medical cards.
View current and previous lab results.

Patient Registry:

  • Prevention
  • Tobacco
  • COPD
  • Cardio/Hypertension
  • Asthma
Tracks patient care and are required for meaningful use.